Wednesday, August 28, 2013

misery ridge trail

A couple weekends ago I took Malia & Carson to Smith Rock (Makayla was out of town) for a hike.
I had been wanting to do the hard trail up there for some time now, so after church we went home and changed into hiking clothes. 
(I didn't mention doing the harder trail to the kids)

We started our walk down and across the river to the trail head and after viewing the sign....
I wasn't quite sure if we were cut out for it. 
But we started to go up and both kids grumbled
"WHAT? Why are we doing THIS trail???! It's the most difficult one!!"
10 steps up and then back down....I was honestly irritated that they were complaining about an activity I wanted to do considering they get do to whatever they like most days.
So we started along the river trail...a mostly flat trail and I got to thinking.....
life isn't always the "easy trail", sometimes we are faced with the most difficult trails (trials) and we must learn to endure & conquered them.
We need to know how it feels to do hard things and how it feels when you've endured them.

 I turned around and said
"We ARE doing the difficult trail!"

So up we went...

It required a lot of breaks....lots of drinks of water.

The terrain is steep and it was hot.

There was a lot of 
"I can't do this anymore" from my teenager. She swore she was going to throw up. She wanted to give up and quit. She just knew she was going to DIE!
I finally told her...
"There is nothing physically wrong with you, you CAN do this! You just aren't use to it since you are usually at home on your bed watching Grey's Anatomy with your cat. This is HARD, but you can do it. You have 3 choices, you can quit and wait here for us OR you can quit and go back down and wait for us OR you can come with us, but I'm not quitting."

Then I proceed along the trail.
And eventually she would catch up, then tell me again she can't go on and I just kept telling her,
"You CAN do this! Look (I pointed to below us) how are you've come, you've accomplished so much already and it's going to be really amazing at the top."

Since there were many breaks to catch our breath and the views were just so breathtaking, we took a lot of photos along the way.

we made it to the top!

And it was so, so amazing!!
And guess what?
My teenager DID NOT DIE! I swear to you...she lived. 
She didn't even throw was a miracle and I'm pretty sure I saw a glimmer of a smile on her hot & tired face.


After talking to another hiker, we decided to go down the back side and see Monkey Face rather than go back down the way we came.

That blur at the bottom right is Carson as he was walking through the photo as I was shooting in panorama mode. :)

Monkey Face from the top and the views.....spectacular!

I took along my telephoto lens for my iPhone (so glad I did). These are rock climbers on Monkey Face.

Little did we know the "back side" trail would be looooong and one kid would be out of water and the second one almost out and we would be SO hot and tired.

This is below Monkey Face looking up.

You know things can get serious when you see things like this along the trail.

Looking back at Monkey Face...this is where you can really see the "face".

We eventually made it back and the view of the bridge was such a glorious sight to all of us...we were nearing the end and could get water from the water fountain!

Once we made it back to the top where the parking lot is, the kids took a break and sat down for a minute and I told them,
"Look at what you just did!" and pointed to all of what they just accomplished and told them I was so very proud of them!
I also told them that now we can really appreciate a drink of water and AC in our car and a place to rest our feet because we just did something really, really hard! And if we had stayed home watching shows on the laptop or playing Legos or whatever, then we wouldn't really truly appreciate that cold glass of water or just how good it feels to lay on our bed or sit in a chair. We don't appreciate those luxuries when we don't experience hard things.

Life is going to have hard trials and if we don't experience those hard trials and everything is always so easy, then I think we loose appreciation for all the good, easy stuff in our life.

I couldn't be more proud of them....
and I can't wait to go back up there
(with more water!)

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  1. This looks so amazing! Wish we had something like this to climb, Texas is so flat! Lol can I ask what type and where did you get the telephoto lens for your iPhone?