Tuesday, August 20, 2013

do you ever.....

......just stand back and marvel at the wonderfulness of your life?
and I mean seriously, standing back, being still and soaking in the reality of these gifts?

I don't always have my camera to capture the memories as I'm marveling at them, because I try to etch those moments into my heart forever (because you never know if you'll develop memory loss later in life & I hope those memories can be in there somewhere)

I have a secret confession.....
I love watching my kids. Each one of them
I love observing them. I love seeing how they've grown, who's mannerisms they've inherited and the amazing person they are becoming. 
I love watching their uniqueness.
I love seeing how different they are from one another, yet so similar too.
They are little pieces of my heart......
running, laughing, jumping, skipping along sometimes with sticky fingers or with a cell phone in their hand full of dreams of their futures......
"I'm going to be a mom and have 7 kids and live in a big house on a farm....."
"I'm going to move away and go to medical school....."
"I'm going to catch the bad guys and be in the military and fly planes and shoot guns....."

I watch.
I observe.
I soak in.
I etch it in my heart.

And it's not just my children either......it's the everyday gifts that I want to embrace and enjoy and be thankful for.

I'm also thankful for...
A hamper full of dirty clothes (I'm totally guilty for grumbling at this sight), but it means I'm a mother to some active kids who actually change their clothes, sometimes it's clean clothes and I have a washer & dryer to wash them in. I have to remind myself, "remember when you were expecting your first baby and you just COULD NOT WAIT to wash those little tiny clothes!!?"
I don't think we always think ahead as first time moms that one day those tiny clothes become BIG clothes and maybe there might be more than one child and maybe one child leaves a crayon in their pocket.........

The messiness of everyday life....random kid things lying around, papers, dishes, etc.
One day those kids that have caused all that "messiness" will be living in their own homes, creating their own "messiness". And I'm going to really miss it and wish I appreciated it more.
I'm a neat freak, so this one is HARD for me......I have to constantly remind myself that it's only a chapter and this is our life right here and right now. 
This is what I've wanted all along.....
I've always wanted this and THIS isn't always rose colored glasses.....
sometimes my glasses have peanut butter on them (true story!) and sometimes your shopping cart is full of yarn you never put in there (another true story that I need to tell someday SOON!)
And it's so incredibly wonderful.

No matter your journey, no matter where you are at in your life, whether you have kids, a spouse or where you live.....
there are treasures to be thankful for.
Little pieces of your life that you can stand back and soak it in.

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