Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life | Week 1

UPDATE: I've answered a few questions below....thank you for reading & commenting!

I am attempting Project Life this year.
I attempted a picture-a-day last year, but
couldn't really commit to it.
I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt that again this year,
but after seeing other people's Project Life and how 
meaningful it was to them, I was

I ordered the Amber Edition
(and I wasn't going to do this either seeing how much
scrapbooking supplies I already had, I planned on creating my
Sometimes it's just easier when it's all "planned out" for you
and designed to make taking a photo-a-day and documenting it
that much easier.

I started January 1st.
A picture-a-day.
Documented every single day.
(syncs to my iPhone too! LOVE.)

Costco.com's photos center
is giving me the fits.
I ONLY use them for personal photos.
So I don't have the actual photos printed, and 
I finally ordered them from www.scrapbookpictures.com
(which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)

Here's just a slice of our life during the 1st week of twenty eleven!

By the way, Project Life kit is temporary SOLD OUT on Amazon.
The binders are still available, but the KITS are completely sold out & are suppose to be restocked soon!
Totally worth it!

WOW! I am so honored & humbled with the response today and I owe it ALL to Becky Higgins....thank you Becky!
These are just everyday snapshots of my tasks/life!
I received some questions, so I wanted to answer them here:

THE BASKETS: They are from Pottery Barn Kids, the Sabrina Baskets found HERE although it looks like they have a different shape to them now, but they are on SALE!
CHALKBOARD LABELS: Those too are from Pottery Barn Kids found HERE
(we purchased all the playroom stuff from PBK many, many years ago when the economy was much healthier.  Good stuff, great quality!)
SANDWICHES: I just made your typical PB&J sandwiches...the cheese did not go on them! :)
FONT & DIVIDER (on the photos):  The font is American Typewriter (I think I downloaded FREE at dafont.com) and the divider ( | ) is a key on your keyboard.  Mine (a wireless Mac keyboard) is located above the "return/enter" button and next to this button: } . Hmmm, maybe I should photograph it? :)

I should also clarify that we do not have a baby (sad face!), I am just watching one for a week (big grin!)...my kids pray for one of our own EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (super big grin!)

Thank you again!! 


  1. It's nice to look back & know that all of the sandwiches we make,laundry we do,and other household tasks are no longer taken for granted...they have become par of our history in Project Life.Love your pics!
    Barbara Parnell

  2. your photos are beautiful. looking forward to working on my own.

  3. Very fun start to your year! Love the baskets with the chalk labels.

  4. Tell me that's grilled cheese sandwiches with jelly on top!? I never heard of that till I met my husband:)!
    Love all your photos!
    ~Vanessa W

  5. Fun photos! You're off to a great start!

  6. Love your baskets! Could you tell me what font you use on your pictures?

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing them :) I love to see instances where "ordinary" life looks so awesome!

  8. Love your photos! Can't wait to see more this year!

  9. What great photos. I especially love the wicker baskets, so adorable. Grat job.

  10. awesome - I know you'll find this project as inspiring and gratifying as we do ours. My kids love the options to journal too, even in the case of the youngest. At 17 months it's a scribble and a few dots, but that will be priceless memories in no time at all!

  11. Love your photos! Inspiring!
    I am waiting for my Project Life kit to arrive, unfortunately it takes quite some time for it to get here since I live in Sweden.

  12. love your pictures!!! i wondered what font u were using too...and how u make the little divider line. :) thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the photos and the baskets. Where did you get them?

  14. Just had a wonderful read through your blog and enjoyed it. Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you.

  15. Thank you for sharing and yes, please share where you got those lovely baskets with the chalk tags -

  16. I love it! I am doing POTD for the first time. Thanks for giving me some good ideas!

  17. your pics are amay-zing. Happy Project Life Day to you!

  18. I loved reading through your blog ~ your a great photographer. I love my project 365 too!

  19. When ordering from scrapbookpictures.com which type of pictures do you choose? Pro or Regular? Do you do automatic retouching or pay the extra for the personal inpsection? I have had a hard time finding a local place to print vibrant pictures that turn out as pretty as my computer screen and since you said you love this company I thought I would give them a try. Thanks for your input!

  20. I enjoyed all your pictures, my favorite which was hard to pick but it's your daughter on her bed reading. I have a girl like that too and it always makes me happy to see her reading. Good for you trying it again it really is worth it in the end. In my 2010 album there are some blank spots and some weeks with tons of pictures. Just do the best you can and make if fun and stress free. I'm including my kids/hubby in helping with this years album. Thanks for sharing.

  21. What kind of cookies are those. They look yummy.
    Great photos, very inspiring.

  22. LOVE all of your pix!

  23. Fantastic photos, and love your 'project'!

  24. HI there, How do you get the dates on your photos? They're very cool. Cheers, K

  25. I'm doing Project Life for the first time and I'm using Cozi too for keeping up my daily photos! It's great to take a picture with my phone and upload it straight to Cozi with my journaling - quick and easy to add to the album once I have the pictures printed!

  26. Are you sure you downloaded american typewriter for free?? I can't seem to find it {I did for $29} and I was really loving it!!


  27. Awesome! I have always wondered how to type a | and now I know! Thanks!

    I am waiting for my Project life kit to arrive and will be doing a weekly two page spread like Ali Edwards is doing. Totally excited. I am going to add you to my google reader to keep up with your posts. :) yay!